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KMUW has put together a series of virtual events—Distance Socials—to help our community stay connected while safely at home. Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap has joined this effort. Digital Democracy on Tap features the same community conversations you're used to, but convened virtually.

Digital Democracy on Tap: Elections During COVID-19
5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 9

COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of social life, including how we vote. In partnership with the League of Women Voters, KMUW's Engage ICT will bring together local experts to discuss how the upcoming elections will continue amid the pandemic. The live conversation will be streamed from KMUW's Facebook page and at EngageICT.org. Email your questions in advance to info@kmuw.org.


KMUW's Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap presents monthly community conversations on topics that touch our daily lives. Since January of 2016, we've covered such topics as healthcare, sustainability and climate change, education and public safety. Engage ICT partnered with the Wichita Eagle and Society of Professional Journalists to host a mayoral candidate debate, as well as with 1A Across America to present a discussion on local women in politics that was broadcast nationally by NPR's 1A.

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The stay-at-home order is being rolled back in Kansas, but the battle against COVID-19 continues. KMUW's Engage ICT convened a Digital Democracy on Tap on May 26, 2020, to address viewer questions and concerns. A panel of local experts discussed what it's like fight COVID-19 and what to expect as restrictions are loosened.


  • Michael Lowe, Medical Intensive Care Unit Manager
  • Dr. Rebecca Reddy, Pediatrician
  • Dr. Chloe Steinshouer, Pulmonologist

Here is the conversation:


KMUW's Engage ICT teamed up with 1A Across America to discuss the U.S. food supply chain. 1A's national correspondent Sasha-Ann Simons guest hosts this conversation. Our panelists are:

KMUW's Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap is convening digitally on Tuesday, May 5, for a follow up conversation about victory gardens. We're digging in even more with our panel of gardening experts. See what the panel is planting and get more of your gardening questions answered.

Here's the live video stream from KMUW's Facebook page:

KMUW's Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap is convening digitally on Tuesday, April 28, for a conversation about victory gardens. Our three panelists are answering questions about home gardening, to give you peace of mind—and food—during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our expert panelists:

On April 14, 2020, our topic for Digital Democracy on Tap was Financial Triage. We discussed  how to cope financially during the COVID-19 era, with tips and advice from our expert panel. The conversation was streamed live from KMUW's Facebook page, where viewers could comment with their own questions and concerns.

Our panelists were:


KMUW has put together a series of virtual events—Distance Socials—to help our community stay connected while safely at home. Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap has joined this effort by taking the community conversations online. 

On April 2, 2020, KMUW convened a conversation on the topic of emergency homeschooling, to help address the questions and concerns many parents are now facing due to school closures. Our panelists were:

Vanessa Segura / KMUW

On Tuesday, March 10, Democracy on Tap convened with a panel of experts at Roxy's Downtown to address your questions and concerns about coronavirus. Our panelists were: 

Here is the video of the conversation that we streamed live via Facebook:

Ascha Lee / KMUW

About ten years ago, downtown Wichita felt like a ghost town. Now, it's hopping. When it comes to quality of life, things have changed a lot in the Wichita area, and there's more change on the way. Our panel of experts discussed Wichita's quality of life at Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap on Tuesday, February 11, at Roxy's Downtown. 


Here is the video that aired on Facebook Live:

The topic for the first Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap of 2020 on January 14 was 2020 Vision. We’ve wrapped up the twenty-teens, and now it’s time for a shiny new decade…but what’s in store for the Wichita area? We discussed new tech and medical advancements, social and business trends, arts and culture, and possibilities for the Air Capital of the World diversifying into some other industries.

Our panelists were:

Here is the video that aired on Facebook Live:

The holidays are a wonderful time, but with them also come health risks due to stress and seasonal depression. Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap convened on Tuesday, Dec. 10, at Roxy's Downtown to discuss warning signs, risks, and ways to mitigate stress.

Our panelists were:

  • Eric Litwiller, Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas
  • Telecia Lyons, Emerge Skin & Body Spa
  • Annie Montgomery, Counselor and Spiritual Leader
  • Constance Porazka, Retreat to Joy