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  • Dr. Adam Hamawy is a former U.S. Army combat surgeon currently in Gaza. He said he's treating primarily civilians, rather than combatants: "mostly children, many women, many elderly."
  • NPR's Danielle Kurtzleben speaks with culture writer Daniel Chin about how the new HBO series The Sympathizer differs from other Hollywood depictions of the Vietnam War.
  • The prosecution just about wrapped up its case in Trump's hush money trial. But did they effectively present their case? Scott Detrow and Ximena Bustillo discuss with law professor Jed Shugerman.
  • Uncuffed is a podcast from member station KALW that explores the lives of people who are incarcerated in California prisons.
  • Samples of Beethoven's hair reveal he may have suffered from lead poisoning, which could explain some of the difficult physical maladies the composer suffered in his life.