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Into Music
Into Music

Into Music is a podcast that explores the critical role that teachers, mentors, and tastemakers have in a musician’s musical development. Episodes feature discussion of the performers work and creative process as well as lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Host Jedd Beaudoin has been on the KMUW airwaves since 2009 with his two-hour music show, Strange Currency in addition to serving as one of the station’s arts and culture reporters. He holds bylines with publications such as American Songwriter, No Depression, Keyboard, and PopMatters.

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Latest Episodes
  • In this episode of Into Music, Johnny Iguana talks with Jedd Beaudoin about his early years as a musician and his time spent playing with blues legends Junior Wells and Otis Rush.
  • On this episode of Into Music, Jon Regen tells Jedd Beaudoin about his time studying under jazz great Kenny Barron at Rutgers University, his brief spell at the University of Miami, where he studied with Vince Maggio.
  • On this episode of Into Music, Peter Jesperson discusses the impact that radio had on him as a young music fan, how he and his partners with Twin/Tone made up the rules as they went along, and the impact that musicians such as Curt Almsted (Curtiss A) and Bob “Slim” Dunlap had on his sense of the Minneapolis music scene of the ‘70s and ‘80s.
  • In this inaugural episode, Jedd Beaudoin visits with Dustin Arbuckle, a Wichita, Kansas-based musician who currently leads Dustin Arbuckle & The Damnations and is co-founder of the band Haymakers, alongside longtime musical partner Tom Page.