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Engage ICT: Community Action Leaders

KMUW established the Engage ICT: Community Action Leaders to help shape and lead its new civic engagement initiatives. By partnering in Engage ICT events (KMUW's panel discussion series on local civic issues), Community Action Leaders will connect with passionate, civically engaged KMUW champions in south-central Kansas. Moreover, Community Action Leaders will influence KMUW’s strategies and efforts to inspire Kansans to increase their civic engagement and make a difference in their communities.

KMUW's 2023 Community Action Leaders

Community Action Leaders are:

  • Civically engaged and interested in local issues
  • Passionate about KMUW’s mission to foster civic health and build vibrant community
  • Connected in their own micro-communities and willing to lead and activate others
  • Willing to commit to shaping KMUW’s engagement strategy throughout 2023

If this describes you, submit an application for future consideration. Please email a brief (approximately 250 words) bio, and a brief (approximately 250 words) statement of interest to info@kmuw.org. For further questions, contact Sarah Jane Crespo at crespo@kmuw.org or 316-978-6789.

KMUW’s mission is to empower our community, by arming individuals with good information and then inspiring them to act. The ability to mobilize others to make a positive difference in our community is crucial for building a region that gets better, healthier, and more prosperous over time.

KMUW supplements its on-air programs, news, and entertainment with engagement opportunities to foster a more empowered cultural climate. Some of our civic engagement initiatives to date include:

  • The launching of Engage ICT in 2016, an ongoing community discussion, consisting of monthly panel conversations as well as Engage ICT Mini in 2022, weekly virtual conversations on news and noteworthy topics
  • Spot news, features, podcasts, and online news from our award-winning news team, highlighting civic life, politics, and government with a variety of ways for news consumers to interact and ask questions
  • Robust election news and breakdowns to help Kansans make informed decisions at the polls, employing community partnerships and collaboration with many other news outlets


  • Attend a minimum of four Engage ICT panel events in 2023 (typically the second Tuesday of the month, at 6pm).
  • Help shape KMUW civic engagement efforts by providing ideas on issues to cover as well as activities that might induce positive community impact (during one of our quarterly Community Action Leader Brainstorms in 2023).
  • Host and lead a minimum of three community impact events or sessions in 2023, inspired by Engage ICT discussion content.