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New podcast (and on-air commentary) every Tuesday.

Marginalia is a weekly podcast hosted by KMUW's Beth Golay. Episodes feature author interviews, editorial commentary and other marginalia to enhance the reading experience.

Several of Beth's interviews are included each year in NPR's Book Concierge.

Listen to the episodes at kmuw.org or subscribe to the Marginalia podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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Latest Episodes
  • Max Greenfield is taking on a new role... as an author. The actor recently published an illustrated book for kids, titled “I Don’t Want to Read This Book.” KMUW’s Beth Golay recently spoke with Greenfield about his book, which, for the record, she did want to read. Here’s their conversation on this week's Marginalia.
  • Author Ken Follett has a new international thriller out. "Never" explores the ever-threatening possibility of nuclear war. KMUW's Beth Golay visited with Follett last week about the book. Here's their conversation.
  • In this special Veterans Day episode of Marginalia, KMUW's Beth Golay visits with National Book Award winner Phil Klay about his work with the 'American Veteran' podcast.
  • Nathaniel Ian Miller's 'Stockholm Sven' is 1% real, 99% fiction, and 100% entertaining.
  • For this week's Marginalia, Beth Golay got some help from KMUW's resident Marvel expert, Hugo Phan. The two of them spoke with author Douglas Wolk about his book, "All the Marvels," for which Wolk read *all* of the Marvel superhero comics—more than 27,000 of them.
  • Beth Golay speaks with Amy Koppelman about "A Mouthful of Air." First published 17 years ago, the book was re-released in anticipation of the movie, which was written and directed by Koppelman.
  • In her book, Go Far, Jennifer Strong McConachie mined her experience as an endurance athlete to write about four tenets she says are applicable in a race *or* in life. And she recently explained to Beth Golay, her desire for adventure around the world began at home... with books.
  • Take a look at Susan Orlean's contributors page at newyorker.com and you'll see that the topics of her essays—more than any other subject—have been about animals. A collection of those essays is available in a new book, aptly titled On Animals. KMUW's Beth Golay recently spoke with Orlean about the collection for this week's Marginalia.
  • Dorothy Wickenden's latest book, "The Agitators," explores the relationship between Harriet Tubman, Martha Coffin Wright, and Frances Seward as they advocated for the abolition of slavery and for women's rights. On this week's Marginalia, Beth Golay welcomes guest host, Hindsight's Dr. Robin Henry, as they visit with Dorothy Wickenden about this history.
  • Beth Golay visits with an award-winning author about her latest novel.