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Stephan Bisaha / KMUW

On this episode of The Range, we meet one of the last of an increasingly rare breed: the typewriter repairman. (Remember typewriters?)

Beth Golay / KMUW

On this episode of The Range (our first!), Beth Golay brings us a love story from an unlikely place: the bus stop. She rides Route 21 with Sylvia, whose husband, Samuel, has faithfully walked her to and from her stop for years.

Coming Soon: The Range

Dec 30, 2019
Jordan Kirtley / KMUW

Local news has been shrinking in cities across the country, and Wichita is no different.

That’s why for the past year, we’ve been at work creating KMUW’s first locally produced news program, The Range.

A mix of business, arts, culture and community, The Range will bring new voices, locations and issues to our air. One week we might be on the Route 27 bus; the next, we might be at a hardware store in Yoder, or visiting a natural hair expo at Century II.

Join host Tom Shine, KMUW’s director of news and public affairs, every Friday starting in mid-January for a look at where we live, and the people who live here.

KMUW News In 2019

Dec 24, 2019

Bears. Beer. Baseball team names. These are the stories KMUW reporters say shaped 2019.

Jordan Kirtley / KMUW

As 2019 nears its end, we're looking back on a busy year of news, from stories about climate change and extreme weather, to ongoing coverage of Century II and the city's

We'll be updating this page with unofficial election results as they come in. Check back here or listen to KMUW 89.1 FM on Wednesday morning for results and analysis on local races.

Need to catch up on what's on the ballot? Check out KMUW's 2019 election coverage page.

With 59,543 ballots cast, the Sedgwick County Election Office posted the following results:

November's Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap panel will discuss the intersections between mental health and other aspects of our, from law enforcement to homelessness, medical responders to nonprofit support.

What questions do you want answered about this complex issue? Send in your message ahead of time to help guide the discussion on Nov. 5.

Phelam M. Ebenhack/AP / NPR

David Koch, who with his older brother Charles was both celebrated and demonized for transforming American politics by pouring their riches into conservative causes, died Friday at 79.

Early results in the primary election for Wichita mayor and the Wichita school board's at-large seat were released at 7:11 p.m., shortly after polls closed.

At 8:39 p.m., with 22,640 ballots cast (6,803 by mail or early voting), the Sedgwick County Election Office posted the following results:

Carla Eckels / KMUW

Don’t let the size of your ballot fool you: Tuesday’s election will have big implications for Wichita (as do all elections, really).

Two primary races will narrow the fields for Wichita mayor and the Wichita School Board’s at-large seat.

Here’s what you need to know about each race, including where to vote — if you haven’t already.