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  • After we puzzle over some words Kathy and Ross recently found in the news, we'll tackle a list of the English language's most misspelled words. Two billion tweets can't be wrong, can they? (Yes, they can, and are.)
  • Turns out agentive suffixes are popular! We tackle a number of listener questions we got after our first episode on the topic, and Kathy gets VERY excited about a couple of the words that come up.
  • It's the spoooookiest episode we've ever had, as we dive into the roots of the scary words we hear each Halloween. Vampires! Werewolves! Witches and Warlocks! Press play... if you dare...
  • A listener asks why some words end in -er, while other similar words end in -or, like "seller" vs. "vendor," or "supervisor" vs. "manager." My friend, you may be sorry you asked!
  • Fletcher Powell runs down the films he saw at the 2022 Tallgrass Film Festival in Wichita.
  • WARNING: There is some very heated sibling rivalry in this episode, about some things we never would have expected (that title is a hint).
  • The movie 'Four Samosas' opens the Tallgrass Film Festival's gala screenings tonight at the Orpheum. It's a heist comedy set in Artesia, a small city in Los Angeles County known as Little India. The movie follows an aspiring rapper who hits on a plan to steal some diamonds from a local business owner... with mixed results. KMUW's Fletcher Powell spoke with the director and writer of 'Four Samosas,' Ravi Kapoor, about the movie ahead of its screening.
  • OK, kids! The SATs are coming up, and we've got your perfect study guide right here! We look at some words that tend to trip people up, or maybe that you've never even heard before at all. Disclaimer: We don't actually know how the SAT even works anymore.
  • Our discussion of spelling differences between American English and British English continues.
  • A Wichita woman rides the bus and thinks about the day that changed her life.