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Jedd Beaudoin


Jedd began his employment with KMUW in 2007 and launched the nationally syndicated program Strange Currency in 2008. He has also served as an arts reporter during his tenure with the station, creating a wide array of profiles on authors, musicians and visual artists, while also producing the biweekly commentary A Musical Life. In addition to being a founding member of the seldom seen KMUW Movie Club, he has won several KAB awards for his work as a producer, writer and reporter. His news feature From Old Paint To Old Town Road: Tracing The History Of Black Cowboys In Western Music And Film was awarded second place in the news feature category in 2020 by the Kansas Association of Broadcasters

As a music journalist, his work in that field has appeared in Pop Matters, Vox, No Depression and Keyboard Magazine. Jedd began hosting the public television music series Wichita Sessions in 2009 and has participated in a variety of film projects, including the documentary Never Mind The Fences. In addition to his on-air work, he has moderated events featuring actors Elliott Gould and John Cusack.

Jedd can be reached by email at beaudoin@kmuw.org.