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Wichita artist Wade Hampton earned his chops in the '90s as a member of The Famous Dead Artists. It took a lot of hype to get people interested in coming to art exhibitions and an artist had to crow like a rooster to make that happen.

Wichita artist Jim Simpson is a fisherman. Fishing and being out in nature is a mission for Mr. Simpson. 

I went to artist John Boyd’s funeral back in 2012. Everyone who entered was handed a scroll of canvas on which was printed a self portrait of John in a priestly robe.

I ran across this the other day. I began to look at some his works that we have collected at our house. Then I looked at all the works we have by artists who have passed on: Shirley Glickman abstracts, a William Dickerson still life, a Fred Wassall surrealist piece, a large Rex Hall work, “College Hill Park At Night” by Zona Wheeler, a landscape by Diane Thomas-Lincoln, and Prairie Prints done early last century.

Courtesy Curt Clonts

When I was a kid I was squirrelly and scared. I didn’t like school much and my parents were having marital problems back then. You could feel the tension in my house.

My mom was a saint while my dad was a very tough and sometimes harsh disciplinarian. I was a kid who came home from school and looked to see if his Father’s clothes were still in his closet. My Mom would get fed up from time to time and ask him to leave. At a young age I felt I had little to hold on to or any way to keep my fear and pain from eating away at me.

courtesy image

A friend of mine called me last week and said she was at an estate sale and had found something that caught her eye. She texted me a quick photo and I agreed she should buy it. She paid $200 for what is a signed Peter Max lithograph worth $3000.

If an artist is influenced by other artists, and I believe we all are, I would say that my biggest influences over the last decade have been painters and sculptors who happen to be women. 

The Fiber Studio is preparing an intriguing show of two of Wichita’s great artists, Richard Thomas Siegman and Ginger Tarrer.

Wichita painter Charlotte Martin possesses great power, earthiness, and a sharp wit that flows into her work. These qualities show in the line and color that combine to make a Martin painting memorable and engrossing.

Curt Clonts

I have a solo show at the Sandzen Gallery in Lindsborg this November. So here’s a typical week for me in preparation for that gig:

Curt Clonts

Local artist Mike Miller is a super-prolific force. Possessing the work ethic of a 19th-century farmer, and a deep feeling for nature, Miller takes old farm machinery, discarded motors, gears, tree limbs, and hundred-pound rocks, then sculpts them into fully powered, automated works of art. These finished machines, combining man-made with nature, are both highly sophisticated and profoundly artful.