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An Artist's Perspective: Thank You For Listening

Feb 26, 2020
Curt Clonts

After months of thought, and 103 episodes, I have decided to leave my commentary post at KMUW. 

An Artist's Perspective: Skliris Show Is A Must-See

Feb 12, 2020
Curt Clonts

The celebrated artist photographer Dimitris Skliris is back at it with a powerful exhibition that opened First Friday February at Tiffany Farha Design, 2820 E. Central.

Entering the location I found Skliris’ work throughout the beautifully appointed interior design shop. Viewing the work as I might while visiting a fine home, the atmosphere lent a warm glow to the photos on hand, and there were many.

Curt Clonts

I was reading an article recently about an up and coming artist in America named Vaughn Spann. He graduated with an MFA from Yale two years ago and his career is in maximum overdrive. His latest show sold out within a week of opening. His paintings sell from $20 to $90,000 each, depending on size.

neetalparekh / flickr Creative Commons

After John D’Angelo resigned last April as Wichita’s Director of Arts and Cultural Services there was talk in the community that the position would likely be done away with and the duties turned over to the Parks and Recreation Department. Many in the city felt that this would result in sure disaster for the arts in Wichita.

Curt Clonts

Fellow Wichitans, I’m embarrassed and you should be as well.

We have allowed our city and county government to literally build a prison around the Kansas African American Museum at 601 N. Water. And there is new construction that brings the county jail even closer yet.

If you are patient — and save some of your holiday spending money — you can enjoy one of the finest art-buying events, easily, of the last decade.

Joe Goodwin, local art and book collector has decided to move from his home. He has chosen to downsize and sell the bulk of his large art and book collection, along with some beautiful furniture during the month of January.

Here's An Idea... | An Artist's Perspective

Dec 4, 2019
Curt Clonts

Every cool city, large or small, has an arts district. It’s a place with multiple art galleries, cool shops and restaurants, and a central square of a sort where people can hang out and get some sun and enjoy open-air celebrations.

Wichita doesn’t have such a place.

Photo by Curt Clonts

Wichita artist Josh Tripoli might best be known for the murals he has created around the city. He works on a smaller scale, too, and recently completed a group of figurative paintings that are now on view in an exhibition titled “Lighthouse,” at Reuben Saunders Gallery.

The idea for this body of work originated in the Bible’s “bodies are temples” verse (1 Corinthians 6:19) which found a creatively compelling analogue in the body as a lighthouse.

An Artist's Perspective: Peer Critiques

Nov 6, 2019

Several years back I decided to begin a series of paintings where I revisited earlier approaches I had taken in my work in an effort to expand upon them and forge new avenues for myself. Perhaps the original ideas were failures to begin with or I had overthought the process all together, but my dear friend and fellow artist John Ernatt, upon critiquing these works, pronounced them “a major step backwards.” 

An Artist's Perspective: 'Clay Currents'

Oct 23, 2019
Curt Clonts

There is always talk of art and how it marks time. One discipline transcends all of that and simply is time, or the essence of time.