Boots Riley, the director of Sorry To Bother You, has explicitly asked us all not to give anything away about what happens in the film to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. I think, ideally, most filmmakers would like this to be the case, but with Sorry To Bother You, I will respect Riley’s wishes.

Curt Clonts

Before there was Final Friday in Wichita one could go out and experience art exhibit openings in local galleries at least three weekends per month. And there was time to take in the show and really enjoy the work because we weren’t fighting to get to all the exhibits before they closed. There might be an opening on Friday night and then another on Saturday night. And it meant constant openings throughout each month. It was exciting!

In 2004, a man and his 12-year-old daughter were discovered living in a vast park in Portland, Oregon. They’d apparently been living there for four years, in a makeshift shelter with a garden, the man teaching his daughter from old encyclopedias. The two were relocated to a house on a horse farm, disappeared five days later, and were never seen again.

The writer Peter Rock took this story and imagined what might have happened to the two, and the book he wrote has been turned into the new movie Leave No Trace.

I try not to live in the past, but when an album of music by John Coltrane is discovered and released decades after it was recorded, I’m justified in getting a little maudlin.

[Music: John Coltrane, “Untitled Original 11383,” Both Directions at Once: the Lost Album (2018)]

"The Hip Hop Way" originally aired December 16, 2016.  

There’s a scene in the 1997 documentary "Rhyme and Reason" where the emcee Taz demonstrates how to hand someone a hat. It isn’t enough to merely give someone a hat, he explains, you have to hand it to them in a hip hop way. As he performs the difference, you can see he knows this is over the top, but you can also see there’s a part of this that’s true: There is a hip hop way to hand someone a hat, and it’s a little funkier than any other way.

If it's summer, there must be farce, and if there's farce, the chances are good that it's at The Kechi Playhouse. See How They Run is a three-act comedy by Philip King, set in an English village just after the end of World War II. Laugh the night away at this fast-paced, door-slamming delight, on stage through July 29th.

This episode of Cooking with Fire originally aired on January 12, 2018.

Brisket burnt ends are one of the more fascinating foods in barbecue. Their storied history, which I’ve spoken of here before, makes them a true Kansas City original.

Of course, the great thing about food is that it is meant to be played with, no matter what your grandmother repeatedly told you at dinner time.

Many mobile games have a very short shelf life - they’re hyper-popular for a few months, and then quickly burn out as players move on to the next one. But here we are, two years after the launch of Pokémon Go, and the game has more players than it ever has, outside of its first few months.

OK, Marvel fans, I’ve got a BIG spoiler coming up.

Are you ready?

All right: I know how the Avengers are going to repair all of the destruction wrought by Thanos in Infinity War. Now, stay with me… they’re going to say the word “quantum” a lot, and then… they’re going to do whatever they want to do.

The primary election season to select this year’s candidates for office is near. We should remember that the road to democracy has been long, and ideas for and against a universal and equal franchise have been expressed in history.