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Seek help to avoid crossing the line from mental health issues to mental illness

One of the biggest factors in making a determination about visiting a health practitioner is whether or not the issue in question merits professional attention. Few of us would go the doctor for a cut on our hand. But if that cut gets infected and the finger swells to the size of a football, hopefully most of us would go. This is an important distinction in the mental health realm as well. Many of us feel anxious about any number of factors on a daily basis. Deadlines at work, concerns about the well-being of our family members, a large and unexpected home or automobile expense.

For most of us, this is a fleeting and situation-based concern that will be addressed one way or the other in a matter of hours or days, and therefore is not likely to be a cause for seeking professional assistance. However, if these feelings persist long beyond their original cause or make it difficult to complete other important tasks for an extended period of time, you may be crossing a line from mental health issue to mental illness.

If that is the case for you or someone you know, it might be time to use the resources that Wichita has to offer, even if just for a quick check-up. Mental health practitioners will not require you to come to their office each week. Mental health issues that are caught in the early stages may be easily addressed through a brief discussion with a qualified therapist. However, ignoring the issue can make what is now an illness very difficult to treat.

Links to mental health resources are at MHANational.org.

Eric Litwiller has served the south central Kansas community through his work at Mental Health Association since September of 2017. As Director of Development and Communications, he is charged with seeking the private investment required to raise awareness of the scope of mental health concerns throughout the region in an effort to eliminate the unfair stigma associated with mental illness.