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The Sedgwick County Zoo officially opened its new entryway to the public on Thursday, one of several upgrades the zoo has planned as it turns 50 years old.

The $10 million plaza, which took about two years to complete, was the first major project under the zoo’s 25-year master plan.

“The opening of this new beautiful face of the zoo is the perfect way to celebrate our 50th birthday and kick off the zoo’s next 50 years,” said zoo executive director Jeff Ettling.

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WICHITA, Kansas — Gracie Dean will graduate from Maize South High School this month, but she’s already working in a field that drew increasing interest during the pandemic.

As a certified nursing assistant at a long-term care facility, she’s among a growing number of young people pursuing careers in health care because of what they’ve witnessed or experienced during COVID-19.

How Sedgwick County Teamed With The Black Community To Fight The Pandemic

May 25, 2021
KLC Journal

The news of her brother’s death wasn’t unexpected. But mid-March 2020 would prove to be an extremely unusual time for Margaret, an African American woman in her 70s living in Wichita, and for her family to bury a loved one.

The novel coronavirus was beginning to reach Kansas. Just hours after Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly issued an emergency declaration in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kansas recorded its first death linked to the disease.

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The NBC World Series is returning to its roots in downtown Wichita this summer.

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The documentary "The Truffle Hunters" follows a small group of secretive old men in the Piedmont region of Italy, who've spent their lives digging up the rare, and exceedingly expensive, white truffle. The movie looks at their quiet, quirky lives as they deal with a changing economic and global climate, and revel in the companionship of their truffle-sniffing dogs.

KMUW's Fletcher Powell recently spoke with the movie's directors, Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw, about how they bring the audience into this unusual world.  

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It’s been a year since the death of George Floyd, whose murder sparked demonstrations worldwide against police violence.

A guilty verdict was handed down last month to former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin; he's scheduled to be sentenced next month. Three more officers will be on trial later this year for their involvement in Floyd's death.

Here, four Black men who attended an event at Wichita's McAdams Park honoring Floyd reflect on the past year and the continued need for police reform.

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Republicans are pushing Gov. Kelly to eliminate the $300 additional weekly unemployment payments because they say the money makes it harder to fill open jobs.

The Range | May 21, 2021

May 21, 2021
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The Wichita Wind Surge are finally (and we mean finally) playing at Riverfront Stadium.

This week on The Range, we go en route with some Surge fans on their way to the team's first home game.

Plus, a teen rite of passage is having trouble finding teens. Why are lifeguards so hard to come by this summer?

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During a normal year, Brian Hill doesn’t have much trouble hiring enough lifeguards to staff Wichita’s public swimming pools.

But this isn’t a normal year.

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The Wichita Orpheum Theatre reopens its doors this evening with a special performance from Wichita musician Jenny Wood.

Dubbed Phoenix: Strength of the Songbird, the show includes new songs and past favorites from Wood's career with one-act plays between the material, inviting listeners to experience the inspiration for the work.

Joining her on the stage will be a full band, including Kansas City musicians Katy Guillen, Stephanie Williams, and Michelle Bacon, with other special guests.