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Top Morning News 01.25.13


Inspectors say there are no violations at the former clinic of Dr. George Tiller; Community members to hold vigil for immigrant rights; Union fundraising bill advances to full House.

Inspectors: Tiller Health Clinic OK

Inspectors say they have found no city building code violations at the former Wichita clinic of Dr. George Tiller. 

Metropolitan Area Building and Inspection Department director Tom Stolz says inspectors looked at the facility both before and after the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue filed a complaint. Stolz says the inspectors could not find any evidence of work done so far that would require city permits.

The reproductive rights group Trust Women has purchased the building and plans to open a women's health clinic that also provides abortions. Construction plans were submitted to the city last week to add a bathroom and move a wall. Stolz says department will issue a plan review Friday allowing the owners to apply for permits to perform those changes.

Community Members To Hold Vigil In Support Of Immigrant Rights

Students and support organizations in Wichita will lead a prayer vigil at Newman University Friday. The group supports immigration legislation that creates paths to citizenship.


Bill That Limits Unions' Power Advances To Full House

A House committee has passed a bill that would stop public unions from making automatic paycheck deductions for political advocacy. The bill could affect teachers and other public workers.


Parents To Testify In Sperm Donor Case

Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner have been ordered to testify on behalf of the sperm donor for their daughter.

The Topeka man is being sued by the state for child support. Though Bauer and Schreiner are no longer together, they say they take joint financial responsibility for their daughter.

They will give depositions on William Marotta's behalf on February 15. Marotta says he signed a contract waiving his parental rights and responsibilities when he answered an ad from the two women.

However, because no doctor was involved in the artificial insemination, the state sought to hold him financially responsible when the women later sought public assistance.

Legislators To Tour 'Innovative' Education Sites

More than two dozen Kansas legislators are planning a day-long bus trip to the Wichita area and Oklahoma to view examples of education innovation.

Members of the House and Senate Education committees will travel February 1 to the Walton Rural Life Center near Wichita and the Francis Tuttle Technology Center in Oklahoma City.

The trip is part of efforts by leaders of the two committees to inform new members about all aspects of education, including school finance and curriculum.