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Bill That Limits Unions' Fundraising Options Advances To Full House

A House committee has passed a bill that would stop public unions from making automatic paycheck deductions used for political advocacy.

Currently, union members can agree to deductions from their paychecks that are used for political purposes. The bill would affect teachers and other public workers, and brought up heated debate in the House Commerce Committee.

Opponents of the bill say it takes away an option for public employees to make political contributions.

“I am appalled that this committee would target a specific group of Kansans to deprive them of their rights, and I wonder who’s next?” says Annie Tietze, a Topeka Democrat. 

Supporters of the measure say union members would still be able to make contributions designated for political purposes. They just wouldn’t be automatically deducted from paychecks.

Allan Rothlisberg is a Republican from Grandview Plaza, he says it is not taking away anybody’s rights to donate money to a political campaign.

"If a person wants to do it, they have the full right and ability to write a check out or have it deducted out of their checking account.”

The bill will now go before the full House, and that could happen as soon as next week.