Brandon Whipple

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Wichita City Council members voted Tuesday to formally denounce one of their colleagues and two other elected officials accused of putting together a false attack ad against the mayor.

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A majority of Sedgwick County commissioners have lost trust in commissioner Michael O’Donnell to continue in his elected position and are exploring official options.

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Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple thanked the community for its support after police arrested a man Friday for allegedly threatening his life.

“Chelsea (Whipple’s wife), the boys, & I appreciate the kind thoughts & prayers,” Whipple said in a statement on his Facebook page. “We also would like to thank the brave men & women of the Wichita Police who protect not just us, but our entire community.

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City and religious leaders are calling for demonstrations to "get back on track" after protests turned destructive for the second night in a row.

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Wearing face masks and carrying signs, hundreds of Wichitans demonstrated in front of the north police substation Saturday afternoon to call for justice for George Floyd and other African-Americans killed by police officers.

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Wichita will have a new mayor next year.

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Voters in Wichita will decide next week whether to stay the course with the city’s current mayor, or take city hall in a different direction.

Incumbent Mayor Jeff Longwell is seeking re-election against state Rep. Brandon Whipple. Each candidate brings years of political experience to the role — one local, the other at the state level.

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Just days before early voting begins in the general election, Lyndy Wells is re-entering the race for Wichita mayor, this time as a write-in candidate.

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Supporters of Lyndy Wells are encouraging the Wichita businessman to campaign as a write-in candidate in next month's mayoral election.

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Lyndon Wells and Brandon Whipple were in a tight race for second place in the Wichita mayoral primary last week.

In the end, Whipple edged Wells to advance to the general election in November against incumbent Jeff Longwell.