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Richard Crowson Commentary

Kick Out Common Core And Teach ‘Em Butter Churnin’!

Ali Eminor, flickr Creative Commons

School superintendent John Allison says he wonders what we can teach kids that wouldn’t possibly be aligned with the Common Core standards, and says perhaps butter churning might fill the bill:

I’m a Kansas legislator; I’m a Common Core hater
Teaching critical thinking is what I’m hatin’
Though I don’t know much about it
I’m against it and I’ll shout it
Common Core is a plot straight from Satan

I be willing to kill IB, I don’t mind if AP gets kilt at well
Teach those Common Core Commonists
We’ll make ignorance predomin-est
Instead of raisin’ smarter kids let’s raise some hell

We must never succumb, we must find curriculum
That’s not aligned with Common Core
There’s better things kids could be learnin’
How ‘bout teaching butter churnin’
Instead of all that fancy stuff that we abhor

Butter churnin’, butter churnin’, possum huntin’ and buggy whip repair
Them’s the skills kids our kids will need if we want them to succeed
Kick out Common Core and teach ‘em butter churnin’!