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'Fraudulent'? Let's check Webster's.


Kansas’ Grand Supreme All-Powerful Prosecutorial and Eternally Diligent Secretary of State Kris Kobach has made a triumphant announcement.

“Word is getting out,” he trumpeted, “that in Kansas we do catch you if you double vote.” Clearly our prosecutorial Secretary was popping his brass buttons with self-congratulation.

Tuck yourself into bed tonight with your electoral safety assured: No nefarious undocumented immigrant is going to be stealing the right to vote in a Kansas election on this Secretary of State’s watch. After years of pronouncements from Kobach about the creeping menace of voter fraud, and fraud from illegal immigrants especially, he has produced no less than 6 specific accusations.

Um, well, ok, on closer examination maybe they have just been confused voters rather than fraudulent voters…and, well, ok, it is true that none of them are non-citizens. Heck, I suppose you could say they don’t even have Spanish-sounding surnames. Misunderstandings based on double-state residencies seem to be common denominators here.

“Fraud” is by Webster’s definition “The intentional perversion of truth.” Instead of fraudulent voters these sound more like mistaken voters. Hmmm. But the “intentional perversion of truth” thing might apply to someone else.

Our busy bee Secretary of State needs to have the book thrown at him: The book called “Webster’s Dictionary.”

Richard Crowson is not only a editorial commentator for KMUW. He's also a cartoonist, an artist and a banjo player.