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Richard Crowson Commentary

Sending Hugs and Kisses to Topeka


This Valentine's Day I want to send a cartoonist’s hugs and kisses all the way up to Topeka:



I love you truly, Sam Brownback,
But I also love Secretary of State Kobach,
And I love each person in the Legislative zoo
For you all make cartooning so easy to do

I love the Kansas voters for each election’s results
My job would be much harder if they elected adults
And I love Fox News for how it spreads fear so slyly
I love Hannity and I love Bill O’Reilly

I love how wealthy got tax cuts from the gov-er-nor
I love how he won’t expand Medicaid for the poor
I love that legislators ignore our economic pain
Instead they’re writing bills that bash our teachers once again

I love them all truly
They’re so parody-able!