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KMUW Movie Club

KMUW Movie Club: Our Favorite Female-Directed Films


This month on the KMUW Movie Club, we talk about our favorite features that have been directed by women, as well as a look back at 2016 in film.

Fletcher's Pick: Meek's Cutoff (2011)

It's sort of like if the Oregon Trail went to Hell. I think Kelly Reichardt is simply one of the very best directors working today.

Hugo's Pick: Lost in Translation (2003)

I love Lost in Translation because it makes visiting Japan feel like a lucid dream: None of the characters seem to be sleeping, everything seems like an out of body experience and all the colors are very soft. Match that with beautiful shots of Tokyo, and a feeling of isolation/loneliness, and Sofia Coppola has put together a movie that I can lie down in bed and watch at 3 a.m.

Jedd's Pick: Big (1988)

Big is Penny Marshall at her comedic best and probably Tom Hanks' last great comedic role. It's hard to imagine an actor who could understand "childlike" better than Hanks, and he masters that in this 1988 film like no other could.

What are some of your favorite films directed by women? Let us know on Facebook and on Twitter.