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KMUW Movie Club

KMUW Movie Club: It's About Time!

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This month, the KMUW Movie Club takes a look at films that traverse time and space.

Fletcher's Pick: Time Bandits (1981)

I've watched this film dozens of times, and I love it just as much now as when I first saw it. Terry Gilliam's fantasy worlds are unparalleled, and I really like how this couches a time travel story in fantasy rather than in science.

Hugo's Pick: Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

Safety Not Guaranteed is special kind of time travel movie. It actually has barely any time traveling in it. One of my favorite things about the film is that it explores people's desire to travel back in time, both literally and emotionally. I really hope it stands the test...of time.

Jedd's Pick: Timecrimes (2007)

Timecrimes was, for me, a total fluke. It seemed like a moderately interesting film to watch one day while I was at home with the flu. I wound up enjoying it much more than I thought I would, then forgot about it. I love that it doesn't require a big budget to tell the story and doesn't get caught up in needless exposition. The performances are fantastic and the humor, such as it is, is perfect.


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