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KMUW Movie Club

KMUW Movie Club: Hittin' Books And Roads

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On this month's KMUW Movie Club, it's all about classroom shenanigans and hittin' the road.

Hugo's Pick: Election (1999)

For some reason, I have this thing for unlikable characters. I find enjoyment out of pushing myself far enough to empathize with them. The more unlikable, the better. "Election," and by extension, most of Alexander Payne's films, has characters that fit this bill. Tracy Flick and Mr. McAlister are the types of people you would never want to meet in real life, but they do exist, and they are closer to you than you think.

Jedd's Pick: School of Rock (2003)

"School of Rock" features a fantastic performance from Jack Black but, of course, the script from Mike White is also impeccable. Black's character grows by the end of the film but he doesn't trade any of his passion or wide-eyed attitude in the process. The cast, top to bottom, is great, and the songs--especially the ones Black sings to and with the kids--are sweet and hilarious.

Fletcher's Pick: Rushmore (1998)

For nearly 20 years, I've watched "Rushmore" when I feel like something is missing. It gives me that ache you only get when something is both joyous and sad, beautiful and crushing. Werner Herzog speaks of the ecstatic truth; you find it in "Rushmore."  

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