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This story was updated April 14  

The NoMar Theater in Wichita's North End has a new owner.

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After going dark because of the pandemic, many big entertainment venues in Wichita are reopening for live performances this spring.

Stages at the Orpheum Theatre, the Cotillion, Intrust Bank Arena and Wave have been dormant for more than a year.

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Up until this past year, Aaron Lee Martin performed regularly at venues around Wichita. Now, the worship leader at Hope Community Church in Andover is finding new ways to connect with others.

This week on The Range, Martin talks about how the pandemic has changed his approach to storytelling.

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Houseplants are back — in a big way. Just ask Tillie’s Flowers.

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Cowley County is the stone arch bridge capital of Kansas. Seriously, look it up.

This week on The Range, we take a road trip through the county to search for some of its beautiful — and historic — bridges.

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Black-owned art galleries are rare in the U.S., and in Wichita it's no different. But one former aviation worker is trying to change that here, starting with a new art gallery downtown.

This week on The Range, we visit the Mulberry Art Gallery and talk to its founder about why wanted to create a platform for artists of color. 

Lu Anne Stephens / KMUW

On Broadway, just south of Lincoln, is another Wichita landmark that is hidden in plain sight: the Kansas Firefighters Museum.

The museum is small in size but uses the space wisely. The walls, ceilings — every square inch, it seems — is full of memorabilia.

There are photos, plaques, logbooks and, best of all, old fire equipment. The museum has the station’s original horse-drawn wagon; a chemical truck that was pulled and pushed by four men; and a 1921 American Lafrance fire engine.

Torin Andersen / KMUW

For years a large hole sat behind a fence on the south side of Douglas Avenue between Market and Main.

The result of a redevelopment plan that fell through in 2007, “the hole,” as it was known, was a fixture in downtown Wichita for almost a decade before developers filled it, converting it into the ICT Pop-Up Park.

Courtesy the Sunflower Foundation

Time may be running out for the iconic Menninger clock tower in Topeka. It's now one step closer to being torn down.

The Sundance Film Festival has helped launch some of the biggest names in filmmaking over the last three decades, including Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh, and Paul Thomas Anderson.