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Tanya Tandoc

Restaurant Review: Fizz Burgers and Bottles

Tanya Tandoc

I took my mangled friend Teri to Fizz Burgers and Bottles out at 37th and Rock Road before her orthopedic appointment the other day, to cheer her up and to eat something good.

I’ve been hearing for months that Fizz was a great place for burgers, sandwiches, and fries (both regular and sweet potato), so we went there to boost her mood before her possibly bad exam. (By the way, her leg turned out better than we expected it would.)

The restaurant is cute, with lovely iridescent tiles curving around the brightly colored dining room. Our servers were awesome, not only getting my friend comfy, but putting her crutches close but not in the way.

We ordered two bottles, non-alcoholic (although the beer menu is quite nice). I had Vernor’s ginger beer, a little too sweet and vanilla-y for me, but fine, and Terri had Cheerwine, a lightly sweet cherry soda. All the soda offerings were interesting and weird in a good way. Do you desire Nehi grape soda to accompany your burger? Fizz has wild sodas in abundance-- and it’s your life, drink what you want.

We ordered the Boursin burger with caramelized onions and potato fries, and the Blue Cheese burger with sweet potato fries. The fries could have been a bit crunchier for me, but they were hand cut and delicious anyway. All were offered with a number of sauces, so we chose garlic aioli, roasted garlic, spicy ketchup and smoked pepper mayo to go with.

The burgers were perfectly cooked, the buns soft but crunchy, toasted with butter, and the toppings delicious. We had a great time trying one sauce after another on each French fry and burger. The garlic aioli won.

After we paid our very reasonable bill, we went to search for breath mints and navigate to the osteopath. If you are ever in the area, Fizz Burgers and Bottles is definitely worth a stop.