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Tanya Tandoc

Food: Fast Food In Wichita

Fletcher Powell

I love good fast food, whether it’s a hangover helper or I just crave something salty, greasy and cheap.Wichita has some marvelous, locally owned fast food joints and here are some of my favorites:

Taco Shop has several locations all over town and has simple, extra-cheap, extra-yummy tacos, burritos and tostadas.I get a few original tacos and usually a bean tostada with hot sauce.The bean burrito is simple and good and everything tastes fresh.My husband and I go on Taco Shop dates just to keep our love alive sometimes.

Dog-N-Shake is another great spot, with buttery toasted buns and a menu with burgers and hot dogs and shakes.I get the chili cheese dog every single time.

Fried Rice, at 2419 S. Glendale, makes killer fried rice and really good greasy egg rolls. The combo meal comes with the rice, two egg rolls and a soda, all for under four dollars.I get the chicken or the BBQ pork rice.

My love for Sport Burger, near Douglas and Hillside, is well known, but Bionic Burger also makes great burgers.They use good meat and the mushroom Swiss burger is worth the extra Zumba class you’ll need to burn off the calories.

If you are looking for onion rings, Delano BBQ makes them so delicious, crunchy and flavorful you will not want to share them. Nu-Way also makes good onion rings and I love their homemade root beer.

So, that’s just a few of my favorite places for fast food.  If you have others to share, leave a comment!  I’ll try anything once.