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WSU VP Of Student Affairs Eric Sexton Steps Down As Athletic Director

Abigail Wilson

Longtime Wichita State University athletic director Eric Sexton is officially moving out of athletics and into his new role as vice president of student affairs.

University officials say the change has been in the works for some time. Sexton has held the title of athletic director since 2008, but was also named vice president of student affairs back in April.

Holding those two titles simultaneously made some students uncomfortable.

Joseph Shepard, president of Wichita State’s Student Government Association, stated recently that Sexton is spread too thin, and that the university isn’t doing a good enough job communicating with the student body.

On a Facebook post, Shepard listed, among other things, that Sexton be removed from his position as vice president of student affairs.

That demand was not met, but concerns over Sexton holding dual titles sped up his transition away from the athletic department, according to Lou Heldman, vice president for Strategic Communications.

“The students' sense of urgency was such that we just moved up acknowledging that that’s the direction that Bardo is headed,” Heldman said.

Heldman added that the change could happen as soon as the end of the year.

The process of naming a new athletic director has not yet started.


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