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Richard Crowson Commentary

Crowson: Go Out and Vote


Hey, there, weary voter – take heart, we’re almost done
Between the mud-slinging, lies and the FBI’s
This election hasn’t been much fun
But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel
If you can’t take another scandalous day
We’ll have a new president, we’ll have to try then
To resist moving up Canada way

My mailbox is getting all slimy from the mailers filled with fear and hate
They claim Isis will be in my neighborhood
If I vote for the wrong candidate
They claim the country’s going to wreck and ruin
And the skies gonna fall right down
But they can’t lie enough to make buy all that stuff
I can’t vote for any creepy clown.

Dark money is the name of the game now, they’re gonna owe them a big favor
And you can bet there’ll be a mighty big payoff
To the mighty big contributor
It all adds up to disillusion
It makes the voters want to throw up their hands
But our only last hope is to go out and vote
And to try to take back our land.