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Richard Crowson Commentary

Crowson: There Is No Trickle Treat


October is a month of hauntings! There have been multiple sightings of the living dead walking amongst us. This fetid, creature, lumbering trance-like down our streets, has returned from the grave.

It is a fiend that clawed its way from the grave and crawled back out to haunt us... it is that ghastly voodoo creature known as... trickle-down economics!

President Reagan first unleashed the trickle-down ghoul on the nation. It did not work. It should be dead. But then in 2012 Governor Brownback dug up the corpse of supply-side economics. The result is that regular Kansas economic reports show repeatedly that our state's economy is sinking faster than a casket can be lowered into the ground. Now comes news that September's state revenue missed the prediction by a startling $45 million.

Frightened Kansans have given Brownback an unheard-of 71% disapproval rating.

Donald Trump is also a fan of the trickle-down zombie. He promises to unleash this same living-dead idea tormenting Kansas on the entire nation! Polls show that Kansans who seem to disapprove so vehemently of Brownback's walking-dead economy strongly favor Trump, who wants to do the same thing nationally. Say what?

Watch out for that supply-side zombie that walks among us.

There is no trickle treat.