David Condos

David Condos is the western Kansas correspondent for the Kansas News Service and High Plains Public Radio based in Hays, Kansas. Prior to joining KNS and HPPR, David spent four years covering mental health, addiction, trauma and rural healthcare issues as a freelance producer, reporter and host. His work has been heard on WPLN News, WAMC's 51% and Nashville Public Radio podcasts Neighbors and The Promise. After growing up in Nebraska, Colorado and Illinois, David graduated from Belmont University in Nashville and worked as an award-winning recording artist, songwriter and touring musician.


The art of calling and killing coyotes is competitive stuff.

Sometimes people cheat — bagging kills before a contest and then trying to pass them off as fresh at the final check-in.

So this year for the first time, when contestants gather in Kismet, Kansas, the three teams with the most coyote kills will each send one of their members to sit down for a lie detector test.