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LGBT Advocates Denounce Kansas GOP Resolution Against Transgender Rights

Nadya Faulx
KMUW/File Photo

A leading Kansas LGBT rights group is pushing back against a newly adopted Kansas Republican Party resolution that activists say dehumanizes transgender individuals.

The resolution states that while the Republican Party recognizes the dignity of every human being -- including LGBT individuals -- it opposes “all efforts to validate transgender identity.” That includes someone hormonally or surgically altering their body to conform to their gender identity.

The resolution specifically targets actions by some Kansas public schools to provide private bathrooms for transgender students.

The advocacy group Equality Kansas calls the resolution “anti-science” and “anti-trans.” The nonprofit released a statement saying it’s disappointed with the Republican Party for what it calls a “crass attack” on transgender schoolchildren.

The GOP’s 181-member state committee adopted the resolution during a convention in Wichita last weekend. The party's platform, adopted in 2016, doesn't mention transgender rights, but does affirm support for a "traditional understanding of marriage" between a man and a woman.

The resolution was introduced by delegate Eric Teetsel, the head of the conservative Family Policy Alliance of Kansas.


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