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Be a Low-Flow Hero

KMUW’s Community Action Leaders Project

Want Kansas to get proactive about saving water? You can be a Low-Flow Hero!

The state of Kansas is in a drought, with depleting aquifers as well as issues that impact water quality. But KMUW’s Community Action Leaders have a plan for you to make an impact on the future of water and save yourself money on your utility bill.

The City of Wichita is generously donating one hundred low-flow shower heads to support this community impact project. Many people in our area have already installed theirs. Is it your turn now?

Sign up here to Be a Low-Flow Hero and get a low-flow showerhead (while supplies last): https://forms.gle/kNAizbWaq3k34KRK8. Pickup will be at KMUW, 121 N. Mead, Ste 200, beginning August 1st during regular business hours.


Measurements vary depending on the showerheads that are removed and the length of people’s showers…but here is an estimate of the impact this project will make:

A standard showerhead uses 2.5 gpm (gallons of water per minute), while the low-flow version we’re replacing them with will spend 1.25 gpm. If people take 5-minute showers (6.25 gallons per shower versus 12.5 gallons per shower), then the new showerheads will result in a year of showers using 228,125 gallons of water instead of 456,250 gallons of water…saving Wichita 228,125 gallons of water in just one year! That’s HALF as much water.


Could you use a low-flow showerhead for your home? Call us or sign up here.