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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Alex Thomas

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Alex Thomas is the former vocalist of the band Ophil and current vocalist of Monterey Jack. Additionally, he is owner of Lucky’s Everyday, co-owner of Kirby’s Beer Store and Barleycorn’s as well as co-owner and operator of The Cotillion Ballroom.

“I was always the band member that wasn’t trying to hit on the ladies at the shows. I was always talking to the bar own, trying to figure out how we could do better, how we could make more money, how we could make it more viable. My journey thus far has happened organically. I’ve always wanted to be involved in music, whether it be performance or the production behind. It just so happened that opportunities arose, time and time again, and I was there to seize those opportunities.

I do like to connect with the crowd. It’s not so much about hitting the notes. I’m not a perfectionist. In fact, sometimes when the audience sees your weakness is when they connect with you the most, whether it means maybe you’ve had a few too many adult beverages. You might be stumbling a little bit, whatever the case may be, they’re having a good time with you. They connect. You can’t be so ethereal that they don’t know who you are. They need to see some vulnerability. I think part of me has that everyman vibe in some form or fashion. I do connect with the crowds I’m in front of.”

Music by: Moog Cookbook