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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Kristyn Chapman

John Mesh

Kristyn Chapman is guitarist with Team Tremolo and Cartwheel. She will next play with the latter band at Kirby’s Beer Store on January 12, 2018.

“I just picked up a Fender Jaguar Pro. It’s a new series of Jaguars that have a maple fretboard. I just loved the way it sounded and I really wanted something I could just pick up and play and be confident about the tone and not have to think about changing out the pickups or whatever. I just wanted to be comfortable playing.

Part of the reason I picked up the new guitar was that I wanted to have something that felt like it was for this time and this era of my playing. I felt like holding onto the old guitars had a lot of old patterns and old insecurities in it that I didn’t want to have anymore.

I very much like having what you need for the time that you need it. When it’s time to let something go, I think it’s good to let it go and replace it with something else.”