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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Dale Ray Shuey

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Dale Ray Shuey began playing guitar at age 12 and has relentlessly pursued the instrument for 20 years. Shuey has studied classical, jazz, metal, blues, rock and country guitar in addition to teaching youth and adult guitar lessons for eight years. He joined Mountain Deer Revival in November 2012. Shuey's goal as a musician is to write the best music his hands and brain can produce and spread positivity through raw musical expression.

“The best gig? Navy Pier in Chicago. It was a 12-hour drive for an hour-and-a-half on the stage but, when we got there, the people in the audience just went crazy. There were people who talked to us afterward who told us they were going to be there for 10 minutes just to stop through and ended up staying for the two-hour set. There was this overwhelming reaction to our music.

We definitely didn’t see that coming. There were some people from Canada. We had a couple people from France. Fans that really enjoyed our show, bought our CD. That’s how the wildfire spreads. That was a billow on the fire.”