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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Frank Bravo

Hugo Phan

Frank Bravo is a Wichita music scene veteran who currently performs as a solo artist in Dreamverb and is a member of the band Zone Ender. He reunites annually with the band Bellafonte.

“I think of my flaws. I figured that that’s the best part to get out of myself. If I’m OK with talking about them and just playing unequipped that maybe for those moments I could not plagiarize myself.

I had this one itch tugging at me when I was playing with bands. I always felt like I wasn’t being honest. It just felt like there was another outlet to get out of it. The best way I could do it was to pursue it myself.

Humility is the best thing you can do to push your art. Writer’s block is a U-shaped thing. Letting your flaws out is the best thing. If you can’t accept it do think everyone else will? Does that matter? Just play.”