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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Scott Allan Knost

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Scott Allan Knost is a Kansas-based musician who has more than a decade of performing, writing and touring behind him. He has shared the stage with an eclectic mix of acts including LA Guns, Truckstop Honeymoon and Martin Sexton. Knost frequently tours Asia and Europe. Here, he discusses his beloved guitar, Guinevere, a name derived from the Edwin McCain song.

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“From the moment I picked that guitar up it just had a feel about it. It just felt like—I played electric guitar for most of my early days, so it felt like an electric guitar but still had the tone and volume of an acoustic. I just fell in love with that right away. I was, like, ‘I gotta have this one. That’s it!’

I bought this guitar brand new in 2002. I didn’t know it was going to acquire the damage it has. I just thought it was cool that it didn’t have a pick guard. It came standard without one. I thought that was neat. It slowly started nicking away and eventually this rough area became this small pinhole and that pinhole got bigger and then a brace fell off and then another brace fell off. I tried to retire it last year and bought another guitar but I sold that guitar and took [Guinevere] back on the road.

It’s like water dripping on a rock for 100 years, 1,000 years. It looks kind of smooth now. It looks like it’s been cut or carved. There’s nowhere else for it to go so it’s smoothed off.”