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A Musical Life

A Musical Life: Zach Shoffner


Zach Shoffner has played in Wichita bands for over a decade now. He is currently lead guitarist with the group The Candy Lords and a founding member of the group Keen Kutter, with his fiancée, Britt Boman.

“The Candy Lords is a band that I saw play in its semi-original lineup. I instantly liked it. It just seems like the perfect blend of mid-60s country-rock Stones and the Black Crowes. Which, the Black Crowes is one of my favorite bands. The last great American rock ‘n’ roll band, I think.


Joining a band you get presented with the material and if you’re like me you have it on Dropbox on your phone. Then you go home and practice and practice to get the song down and the solos down and just riff on it. And then, when you get together, hopefully it all gels. If it doesn’t, then you have a problem and you’re probably not going to be in the band.

Starting a band—like I did with Keen Kutter—you show up with your songs, try to get the right lineup, hopefully it works out. But it’s a lot more personal because you wrote the songs. You’re trying to get it going.”