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Super Nintendo Classic Edition | Your Move


Last year, Nintendo released the NES classic- a miniature version of their first console, loaded with classic games. It was an instant hit, and sold out right away. And then...that was it. Nintendo restocked stores a few times, but those inventories were also immediately snatched up, and less than a year later, Nintendo just stopped making them.

Now, Nintendo has released the second console in their Classics series, the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. The idea is the same - a small box that looks like someone fired a shrink ray at a Super Nintendo, with an HDMI port so it hooks up easily to modern TVs. The system comes with two controllers, with the second controller a welcome addition considering the focus on multiplayer games included on the system.

While it has fewer games than the NES Classic, what is included is basically a list of all the games I would have asked for on the console. Super Mario World, Kirby Super Star, Street Fighter II, Donkey Kong Country, and Star Fox are among the great games that can be played on the Super Nintendo Classic. The system even has a new game - Star Fox 2, which was cancelled before its planned release in 1996, but was finished to be included here.

A few new features are added, including the ability to save any of the games at any time, and you can even rewind up to a minute if you made a mistake and want to try again. Since the games were made for old, square TVs, colorful borders are drawn around the gameplay, with several frames to choose from.

Like its predecessor, the Super Nintendo Classic is hard to find, but Nintendo has already refreshed stock a few times and is promising even more. That’s good, because I want one. And, since this is apparently a series now, I’m already looking forward to the inevitable Nintendo 64 Classic Edition.