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Your Move: Tsunamicon


Back in 2013, a group of gamers noticed that there were local conventions for sci-fi, anime, steampunk, and comics - but none for gaming. So they launched a Kickstarter, raised the money, and put on the first Tsunamicon.

Now in its third year, Tsunamicon is being held at the Scottish Rite Center this weekend. It’s the biggest tabletop gaming event of the year in Wichita. There will be board games, miniature games, paper-and-pencil role playing games, and even a Star Trek-style starship bridge simulator set up.

One of the biggest draws at Tsunamicon is the Role Playing Game room. There are dozens of games set up for the weekend in many different systems, including Dungeons and Dragons, with Game Masters all ready with prepared campaigns. If you’ve ever wanted to try D&D, or it’s been a long time since you’ve played, this is a great chance to give it a shot. You can find a campaign that sounds fun to you on the Tsunamicon website, reserve your seat, and then you’re ready to play. There are also open gaming tables that don’t require reservation.

On Saturday night, there will be a cosplay contest, because of course no nerdy convention would be complete without at least some attendees coming in fantastic, meticulous costumes representing their favorite game characters.

And if you’d like to just play a game, there are more than 90 games in the lending library for the event - if there is a board game you’ve been wanting to try, but you’ve been holding out, chances are they’ll have a copy there for you to play - and probably several people who would love to play it with you. You can check out a full list of games on their website.

Tsunamicon 2016 is open this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.