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Top Morning News 4.12.13


Medicare Competitive Bidding Program Expands To Wichita

The program began a little more than two years ago to help Medicare avoid overpaying for items like scooters, diabetic testing supplies, and oxygen tanks.


Kansas Bill Seeks To Change Human Trafficking Focus

Legislation that would amend Kansas laws regarding human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of young women is now just waiting for Gov. Brownback's signature.

The bill passed the House and Senate last week.

The measure makes commercial exploitation of a child a crime. Those aged 14 to 17 are covered under this bill.

It also establishes a fund that will be financed with fines and forfeiture of property from those who buy sexual relations.

The revenues will be used to pay for treatment and services for the crime victims.

Supporters hope that the new laws and language in the statute changes the perception of the young women involved in the acts from being prostitutes to that of crime victims.

Navy Plans To Name Combat Ship After Wichita

U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts said Thursday that the USS Wichita will be the third to bear the name.

The ship is designed to be fast and agile with the flexibility to execute missions close to shore in mine, anti-submarine and surface warfare.


Father Emil J. Kapaun Awarded Medal Of Honor

President Barack Obama has bestowed the Medal of Honor on the late Army Captain Emil Kapaun.

The Roman Catholic priest was born in Pilsen, Kansas.

President Obama says Kapaun dodged bullets to provide medical aid and spiritual comfort to wounded soldiers during the Korean War.

Captain Kapaun  carried an injured American for four miles as Chinese captors led them on a death march. Kapaun treated soldiers' wounds, convinced them to share scarce food and ministered to them in captivity.

He died as a prisoner of war at age 35.

Family members and some of the soldiers helped by Kapaun attended the White House ceremony.

President Obama says Kapaun wielded a weapon mightier than the gun: a willingness to die to save his brothers.