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Top Morning News 2.07.13


Gov's reorganization of JJA gets more support; Legislators question Brownback's tax plan; Kansas housing organizations get money to help renters.

Committee Backs Gov's Reorganization Of Juvenile Justice Authority

A House committee has endorsed Gov. Sam Brownback's proposal to reorganize the state's juvenile corrections system.


Kansas Official Faces Questions On Business Taxes

Members of the House Taxation Committee asked why Gov. Brownback's tax plan does not provide relief for corporations and oil producers.

The issues arose when Secretary Nick Jordan testified before the Committee Wednesday and presented the governor's plan to reduce income tax rates again, after aggressive cuts last year.

Overland Park Republican Marvin Klehb quizzed Jordan about why the governor isn't proposing to reduce corporate income tax rates. Jordan replied that many businesses don't pay any taxes because of the credits and incentives they already have.

Dighton Republican Don Hineman says he's concerned about last year's repeal of a severance tax exemption for some new oil production.

Jordan assured the committee, saying industry officials didn't have a problem with the change. He also said the change took advantage of a boom in production.

Kansas Housing Agencies Receive $1.2M To Help Renters

Ten nonprofit groups and public housing agencies in Kansas have been awarded 1.2 million dollars to help renters find affordable housing.