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Top Morning News 01.23.13


Commission member says the screening process for Kansas appellate courts is biased; Wichita teen under investigation for putting newborn in trash dumpster; Thousands gather for anti-abortion rally at the Statehouse.

KS Commission Member Says Judicial Process Is Biased

A member of the Kansas commission that screens applicants for the state's appellate courts says it was biased against conservative candidates in its most recent deliberations.


Wichita Police Investigating Teen Who Left Baby In Trash

Wichita police say a teen mother told them her baby was stillborn before she left the child's body in a trash bin.

Police Lt. Randy Reynolds says a 17-year-old girl gave birth to a girl on January 10 and then put the baby in the trash. A relative who didn't know about the baby later took the trash to a dumpster at a Wichita shopping center. The family did not have home trash service.

Reynolds says the girl became ill early last week and was taken to the hospital. Hospital staff discovered she had given birth. The hospital notified police, who found the baby's body.

Police have talked to the child's father, who knew about the pregnancy.

Reynolds says the girl could face charges even if the child was stillborn.

More Than 1,000 Rally Against Abortion At KS Statehouse

Tuesday afternoon, more than 1,000 anti-abortion protestors gathered at the Statehouse to mark the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that made abortion legal in the country.