Oscars 2021

Who do you think will take home this year’s Oscar for Best Picture? Whether you want to stack your ballot with winners or find a new movie to queue up, hear what the KMUW movie club has to say in advance of the April 25th Academy Awards ceremony.

So much of the film Quo Vadis, Aida? is focused on faces. It opens in the Bosnian town of Srebenica in 1995, as we pan across a number of men sitting on couches. If we know anything about the Bosnian genocide—and we darn well better—we know these are the faces of men who will probably be dead soon.


It’s Oscar season, which means around here it’s Oscar Shorts season! For the 35th year, the Wichita Public Library is offering the animated, live action, and documentary short films that are up for Academy Awards, and while nowadays they’re all readily accessible to just about anyone, anywhere, we Wichitans do like to remind people that for decades, Wichita was the only place outside New York and L.A. where people could see the shorts programs.

Anthony’s watch is missing. It’s possible he misplaced it, but probably someone stole it. Probably the woman his daughter hired to take care of him, not that he needs anyone to take care of him.

The review originally aired on March 26, 2020.  

From the 1950s through the 1970s, a summer camp in the Catskills called Camp Jened operated for kids with disabilities. In the exceptional archival film footage from the early ‘70s in the documentary Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution, we see it’s not just another place that would babysit those kids. 

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The people at the center of Nomadland each have their own reasons for living the way they do.

There was a controversy in December when the Golden Globes announced Minari would not be eligible for its Best Picture awards because the film is mostly in Korean, which means it could only compete for Best Foreign Language Film. This is a movie from an American filmmaker, financed by American companies, and taking place in the U.S. It’s also worth remembering the United States has no official language.

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I remember when I was a kid, watching a movie about the Freedom Summer murders, having this terrible sick feeling throughout the whole thing, because I knew what was coming and all I could do was wait. I had the same feeling watching Judas and the Black Messiah, a movie that I’m kind of shocked a major studio even made.

On February 25, 1964, the man then known as Cassius Clay defeated Sonny Liston in Miami Beach to become the heavyweight champion of the world. Rather than have a huge celebration that night, Clay met in a hotel room with Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, and Jim Brown.

To talk about Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, we’ll begin at the end. The very last scene of the film is not in August Wilson’s original play, but it’s a gut punch that reminds us of the pervasive theft of black culture, and that what might appear anodyne could be covering layers of struggle and pain.