Old News

Mel Mercer

Self-Acceptance Speech, the new album from Old News, arrives Oct. 15 via We're Trying Records.

The band's first full-length album finds guitarist/vocalist Beau Harris, drummer Max Abood and bassist Blaine Martin subverting expectations of the math rock and emo genres across material such as "Pulling Teeth," "Heads Like Projectors" and "Sunday Suit."

Courtesy photo

Old News releases its latest EP, Castro, on Friday, Feb. 2. The band will celebrate with an all-ages performance at The Donut Whole. Guitarist and vocalist Beau Harris says that the EP reflects a number of changes within the band and its circumstances since the first Old News release, 2017's Consolation Prize. Joining Harris on this recording are Sutton Wilson (trumpet), Blaine Martin (bass) and Max Abood (drums, percussion).

Jedd Beaudoin: What's happened between the last EP and this new one?