A Musical Life

KMUW's Jedd Beaudoin interviews Wichitans who live a musical life... as a full-time vocation or a part-time passion.

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Nikki Moddelmog has released two solo albums and one EP with The Mischief Makers. She lives and frequently plays live in Wichita.

I didn’t find the guitar until about 23-24. I didn’t really find my voice until about 23-24. Some friends of mine in Lawrence taught me my first five chords. I learned “Elderly Woman Standing Behind The Counter” by Pearl Jam and sang it over and over again. Taking those chords and learning new songs and just getting used to the guitar.

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David “Davy” Trechak is a Wichita music scene veteran with membership in bands such as White Lando, Somber Arrows and, more recently, Postboy. That group has just released a self-titled EP.

My name is David Trechak. I am currently the guitarist, pianist and lead vocalist of the band Postboy and lead guitarist of the band Somber Arrows, with my friend Weston.

We just want to hear what we want to hear from any other band that we enjoy. So, most of the writing is just what we want to hear.

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White is a Wichita-based musician and producer, and current member of Zsa Zsa Ketzner (bass) and The Flaming Wailers (guitar) – who are both releasing EPs this fall. In the past he has played with Vehicles, Aaron Lee Martin and The Taylor Martin Band, in addition to playing in bands while living in Chicago and Honduras. Originally a guitarist, his repertoire of instruments has expanded as his musical taste has grown, as evidenced by his ever-increasing collection of Craigslist instruments.

  Shane Marler has been involved in Wichita-area music for more than two decades, including tenures in acts such as Ophil, Nouveau Quintet, as a solo artist and, more recently, as a member of The Mischief Makers

My name is Shane Marler I’m a local guitar player and singer-songwriter.

I first took an interest in gypsy jazz and Django Reinhardt in about 2004 or so.

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“My name is Dee Starkey and I’ve been in Wichita most of my life.

My parents, Jim and Sally, were musicians and educators. Dad had a dance band would let me help set up stands at the Trig Ballroom, Lassen, Allis and Broadview Hotels. Mom was an early pioneer in music therapy and education for special needs children, teaching at the Institute of Logopedics, along with Betty Welsbacher and Marilyn Pirtle.

I suppose it says a lot about my upbringing that the favorite magazines at the Starkey house were Saturday Review and Down Beat.

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Kendall Wohaska is a local musician, composer, and teacher in Wichita where he has performed with his own band, The Luna Copii Trio, as well as The Bodo Ensemble, The Small Container Ensemble, and Allison Miller. Primarily interested in noise rock and avant-garde music in his teens, Wohaska continues to pursue aural textures as an essential part of composition and improvisation. Wohaska recently graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in Music Performance.

“My name is Kendall Wohaska and I play guitar in the band the Luna Copii Trio.

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Rachel Phares is a cellist, viola da gambist, and teacher in the Wichita area. She graduated with a degree in cello performance from Wichita State University in 2012. Though still an active gigging cellist, her current musical focus is with an early music group called the Ad Astra Consort, who dedicates its creative focus to spreading sweet Renaissance-style grooves around the area. She is interested in music and how it relates to human connection, books, and her dog.

My name is Rachel Phares. I play the cello and the viola da gamba in the Wichita area.

Singer/songwriter Curt Mitchell was raised in rural Kansas. His music is rooted firmly in the Alt-Country, Americana genre. Today he makes his home in Wichita where he continues to write and perform.

At a young age Curt developed an appreciation for the likes of Hank Williams, Merle Haggard and George Jones through his father and was exposed to the likes of Bob Dylan, The Band and The Rolling Stones through his uncles. Both his uncles and father were musicians.

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Eric Tobias Ramos (Born 07 January, 1981) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, from Wichita, KS, most well-known for fronting musical acts Thunder Le Boom, Peerless Princess, Widows Arm and, currently, Diviner. Alongside musical blood brother, Adam Fortine, Ramos has been actively playing out live and recording for the better part of a decade. Ramos’ musical journey thus far has encompassed many genres. As a singer, he is noted for his mid-range growl and ghostly croon; his style has been compared to those of Jim Morrison, Glenn Danzig and Kurt Cobain.

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Annie Adams is currently working on an Evasive Flowers EP and performing live under that name as well as with the band Domestic Drone. The latter band will release a full-length album later this year. She is also collaborating with her former partner in Evasive Flowers, Hugo Zelado, once more. “I wouldn’t have had the confidence to start writing music if it wasn’t for him. I’m eternally grateful for that.”