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Tanya Tandoc

A Butcher Shop With A Local Twist

Hugo Phan

Meat and cheese lovers, rejoice! Schane Gross, owner of The Anchor, has opened her new venture, the Douglas Avenue Chop Shop, and it is marvelous.

The Chop Shop is an artisanal butcher shop that carries delicious meats, cheeses, house-made sausages, eggs, bread and specialty condiments, all sourced locally. Ms. Gross really cares about the quality of her products and it shows in everything The Chop Shop carries.

One of the most remarkable things about the Chop Shop is the cheese case. It is filled with interesting cheeses that are unavailable anywhere else in town. The selection rotates, and they do tastings occasionally. I love the cheese from Cowgirl Creamery. One of the best is Mount Tam, a soft, washed rind variety that is reminiscent of brie, but creamier, with hints of mushroom. The Chop Shop also doesn’t shy away from bolder, stinkier cheeses. If you have a question or want a taste, everyone working there is very well informed and helpful.

The selection of locally sourced meats is excellent. They carry Creekstone Farms beef, which is tender and delicious. The pork is from the heritage breed Red Wattle, and tastes very rich, nutty and sweet. The poultry comes from Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch. The difference in flavor from over-processed and saline-injected grocery store meat is amazing.

The Chop Shop also carries small-batch condiments, pre-marinated kebab meats, sausage and bacon. I can tell you that the jalapeno bacon is really delicious, particularly wrapped around dried figs stuffed with blue cheese. If you are a meat lover, the Chop Shop is the place for you.