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Tanya Tandoc

Restaurant Review: Cafe Maurice

Fletcher Powell

I have talked before about how lucky we are to live in an area with such fantastic Lebanese food.

Bella Luna, N&J and Byblos are just a few of the wonderful restaurants Wichita has to enjoy. I have traveled a lot, and eaten some good hummus and falafel and kibbe, but I have never had better than what we have here at home.

Cafe Maurice, near 21st Street and Webb, raises the bar for elegant Lebanese and Mediterranean dining. Ghassan and Therese Srour, the proprietors, make delicious food and truly beautiful French-style pastries.

The restaurant is lovely, sparkling clean, with big windows and lots of attention to detail, with a pastry case that is filled with jewel-like tarts, tiramisu and éclairs. The last time I was there, a little girl was swaying, mesmerized, in front of the glass, trying to decide which dessert she wanted. I felt like doing that myself.

I usually order a combination of appetizers when I go, because I love small dishes and lots of different flavors, instead of one big entrée. The meat pies are outstanding, small pillows of tender yeast dough filled with ground beef, onions, and spiced just right.

I also love the baba ghanooj, a smoky eggplant dip rich with tahini and spiked with lemon juice. The crunchy fried pita chips are great for scooping it up.

If you haven’t tried kibbe balls, Cafe Maurice’s are wonderful: crisply fried ovals of well-seasoned cracked wheat and ground beef, served with creamy yogurt sauce. The entrees are also very good, ranging from tender chicken kabobs to a spicy pasta Diablo.

They serve daily specials that are really tasty, and veer more towards Lebanese home cooking. Service is friendly and they serve beer and wine. Save room for dessert.

Cafe Maurice

9747 East 21st Street North, Suite 121

Wichita, Kansas, 67207

(316) 425-5762