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Richard Crowson Commentary

Crowson: Governor-Doctor Colyer


Here’s hoping Governor-Doctor Jeff Colyer will change his mind about a vital topic:

Doctor, there’s people in our state
That need expanded Medicaid, without insurance
What are they supposed to do?
150,000 more
They’re among the working poor who need some help
Doctor, please, won’t you come through?

Doctor Colyer
Kansans are hurting and afraid
They could get a cure if you would expand Medicaid

Here’s your chance to prove them wrong
When critics say that you have shown yourself to be
Just another Brownback clone
You could help Kansas so much
And prove that you’re not out of touch with the people
Who are so desperate and alone

Doctor, your eyes
Can surely see the need is great
You hear their cries
For Medicaid expansion before it’s too late

For KMUW, and with apologies to Jackson Brown, I’m Richard Crowson.