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Richard Crowson Commentary

Crowson: Hapless Sam


Poor Governor Sam Brownback - stuck in limbo as he awaits Senate confirmation of his appointment as Ambassador of International Religious Freedom. Hapless Sam is finding himself jerked around by the Washington political process.

This might be an excellent opportunity for him to gain a slight bit of empathy for some Kansans who have been jerked around by political processes. After all, LGBT Kansas state employees were granted protections from discrimination in 2007. Then in 2015, Governor Sam jerked their protections away. Now they’re in a state of uncertainty much like Hapless Sam’s.

If confirmed, it may be difficult for the rest of the world to take him seriously as well. While he’s ambassadoring for religious freedom, he may be met with snickers and grins. Just exactly how much real religious freedom can one advocate for when one is representing the Trump Administration? An administration that has devoted so much of its time and energy to banning members of a particular religion from entering its country?

And what if the rest of the world to whom Governor Sam goes ambassadoring remembers something else about him? What if they remember that he is a member of a group called “The Family,” a secretive Christian fundamentalist organization. It’s dedicated to advocacy for a worldwide government under God. Hapless Sam better not accidentally use his secret “Family” handshake on a Buddhist.