Viral Kindness: Jody Klein Recognizes The Profound Effects Of Goodwill

Sep 11, 2020

Credit courtesy photo

When it comes to helping keep local families together through times of crisis, Jody Klein has been walking the talk…and changing a lot of diapers. Alicia McLain, a volunteer for Faith Builders, shares Jody’s story:


"Basically, I don’t know when Jody sleeps, because she’s so busy. Not only has she been an active volunteer for Faith Builders for close to a year and half, but she has five children of her own. And she also runs Splurge, the local magazine. Jody has opened up her home for these babies [whose] mothers need help in raising them. These mothers are trying to get back on their feet. And they need to work two jobs in order to make ends meet, and they can’t afford a babysitter, so that’s where Faith Builders steps in and gives these mothers a chance to get back on their feet by helping with their childcare.


"And Jody, she’s had two different babies now. One of them, I believe, she had since she was an infant, on and off. The baby she has right now is the one I help with, her name is Sarah Jane. Nice name, right? This summer, she opened up her backyard for the children of Faith Builders and allowed them to come swim every week. She would welcome them in her backyard, no matter how many kids were there, they had pizza and snacks. And the kids got to swim in her amazing backyard pool. Her pool is amazing, it has a slide and a diving board. They had their own private little Faith Builders party every week.


"Jody has gone above and beyond in what she can do for these children. I know that Faith Builders is very grateful for Jody."